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Helping employers tackle absence and presenteeism in their workforce by providing support to individuals for stress, anxiety and depression or those with a long term health condition.


Targeted support to reduce the impact and associated risks connected with employees suffering from substance misuse related issues.


Building employee resilience and improving their ability to cope with the stresses that restructuring can bring.


Through wellbeing audits and education, we provide support and guidance to employers in helping to manage employees suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, substance misuse issues and to those with long term health conditions.

Take the right steps to supporting your employees with access to our range of wellbeing services.

Striking the balance between work & wellbeing, Rightsteps are experts in providing employee support and management training, which are specifically designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of staff teams by improving employee resilience and mental health. Rightsteps focus on improving the emotional wellbeing of employees by reducing/eliminating absence, and combating the negative impact of presenteeism via our range of non-contracted services. Providing targeted, work-focused support for employees struggling with a range of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, long term health conditions, substance misuse issues; or those affected by outplacement as a result of organisational restructuring.

"As a large, multi-site organisation, Rightsteps provides us with a useful complementary resource in supporting members of our team suffering from mental health issues. The fact that we, as the employer, are also advised of what reasonable adjustments we can make to further support them is particularly helpful." - Medivet

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